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Matthew Spradlin
Writer Matthew Spradlin studied film at Chapman University (Orange County) and then went off to Hollywood, where he honed his skills at GNOMON, immersing himself in CGI, 3D animation and digital compositing. He worked as an EFX Supervisor and EFX Editor for over 7 years on films as big as Paramount’s Beowulf (with EFX giant Sony Imageworks) and films as small as his own award-winning comedy The ThunderPussies (2001). This past year, Spradlin sold two comic book related film properties, one of which was the TV pilot True Believer (SyFy Channel - Rosario Dawson/ Producer). His most recent work, the 4 issue mini-series and now Trade Paperback, Bad Kids Go to Hell, he co-created and co-wrote with Barry “Bazza” Wernick.