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R. B. Silva
RB Silva, Rubens Bernardino da Silva, was born at Santos, Brazil on 29 September 1985. A shy kid growing up; art and drawing were always a favorite pastime.\nDrawing never cease to be a passion of RB’s and eventually with the encouragement of his beloved bride he decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. He studied arts formally for two years at a local Art School while working full-time. Finally his dedication paid off and in 2008 he landed his first job at a small publisher penciling a comic book named Netherworld for Studio407 and worked on their first 3 volumes. In 2009 he got his first work with Marvel penicling a few pages of TIMESTORM and soon after penciling some pages of WAR MACHINE #10. His work had impressed comic writer Greg Pak, who hired RB to pencil his new graphic novel VISION MACHINE.\nIn 2010 RB started working on projects for DC Comics including work on SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT, and his first full book SECRET SIX # 23. These lead directly into him landing a job penciling the backup series in ACTION COMICS (JIMMY OLSEN) # 893, 894, 895, 896 collected into Jimmy Olsen # 1. And it would be this his work and dedication on Jimmy Olsen that would lead to RB’s coveted exclusive status with DC Comics in late 2010.