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Randy Stradley
Randy Stradley is a writer and Vice President of Publishing for Dark Horse Comics. He is also writing under names Mick Harrison and Welles Hartley. Stradley's work on issue 86 of Marvel's Star Wars series in 1984 was his very first work in the comics industry. He later went to become VP and business partner with Mike Richardson, who founded Dark Horse comics in the 1980s to focus on movie licensed comics. The company acquired the license for Star Wars comics in the early 1990s, a few years after the end of the Marvel run and in the build-up to the prequels, relaunching the Star Wars line with such titles as Classic Star Wars (reprinting the original Star Wars newspaper strips), Dark Empire, Tales of the Jedi, Dark Empire II, etc. Stradley and Richardson would team-up to write the Crimson Empire miniseries, focusing on the Emperor's Royal Guard.