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Matt Batt Banning
The inker/artist BATT (Matt Banning) got his comic book career started on Superman and L.E.G.I.O.N 92 for DC Comics while attending The Joe Kubert School at the age of 19. From there he went onto Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (B&W), Cain and Vampirella for Harris, Punisher and many other books until the summer of 1994 when he was contacted by Top Cow. Batt was brought onboard at Top Cow where he quickly rose to the top of the ranks and he was tapped by Marc Silvestri as his exclusive inker. During his time at Top Cow BATT went on to ink many of Top Cow's founding books including: Cyberforce, Darkness, Ascension, Cyblade/Shi(1st app. Witchblade), Weapon Zero, Star Trek/X-Men to name but a handful, BATT was even Associate Editor on Cyberforce for a time.