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Ramon Bachs
Ramón F. Bachs (Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona, Spain, 1973) is a comic-book artist who has worked in many of the Star Wars comics series. A fan of Star Wars for all his life, he thinks he is not a collector, though he did have a great number of Kenner action figures some years ago. He studied for five years at Escuela de Cómic Joso, in Barcelona, Spain, with some of his influences Bruce Timm and Jeff Smith. He published his first professional job, Mantícore, on 1996, with scripts by Josep Busquets and under the wing of Camaleón Editorial. Mantícore was well-considered by the critics, and it had two sequels, a mini-series and a one-shot. Bachs remembers well this work, saying that he learned much while doing it, and he would like to take the character again, some day.