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Rebekah Isaacs
After graduating from the Sequential Art program at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, Rebekah got her first published comics work drawing "The After Hours" for the Twilight Zone series of graphic novels from Walker Publishing. Soon after, she moved to Devil's Due Publishing, where she started out as a guest artist on Hack/Slash before working as series artist on Drafted and a Sheena miniseries. She moved from her hometown of Dahlonega, GA to New York City in 2008, where she landed her first mainstream work at New York Comic-Con '09, doing a fill-in issue of Ms. Marvel with writer Brian Reed. Immediately after, she signed on to WildStorm's miniseries revival of DV8 with writer Brian Wood. She is currently penciling and inking Angel & Faith for Dark Horse Comics, with writer Christos Gage and Executive Producer Joss Whedon.