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Mike Wolfer
One of the most highly-regarded creators on the indy comics horror scene, writer/artist Mike Wolfer entered the field in 1987 with his giant-monster saga Daikazu, under his own Ground Zero Comics banner. Wolfer launched his best-known creation Widow around 1991 and the adventures of the genetically altered woman-spider have showcased his trademark character-driven blend of drama, horror, science fiction, and erotica ever since. Wolfer has also done work for Chaos!, London Night, and Dark Horse. At Avatar Press, Wolfer has done a number of Widow mini series plus the 14-issue Widow X which collects and expands the entire pre-Avatar Widow saga. His erotic horror character Rag Doll has run in the pages of Avatar's adult anthology Raw Media, and he has also worked on indy goth-girl staple Razor at Avatar, both in collaboration with David Quinn (Faust) and in his own written and drawn serial in Avatar's Threshold anthology.