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Simon Spurrier
Simon Spurrier is a British comics writer, who has previously worked as a cook, a bookseller and an art director for the BBC. Getting his start in comics with the British small press, he went on to write his own series for 2000 AD, like Lobster Random, Bec & Kawl, The Simping Detective and Harry Kipling, as well as a number of stories for the flagship character Judge Dredd. In recent years he has broken into the American comic book industry, writing mainly for Marvel Comics. He is currently the writer of X-Men Legacy, which stars the character Legion. Simon has also written a number of novels, initially on other people's properties but in 2006 he signed a two-book contract with Hodder Headline, the first of which was 2007's Contract and the second was 2011's A Serpent Uncoiled.