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Andrea Vito
Andrea Di Vito (born May 28, 1971) is an Italian comic book artist. Di Vito was born in Rome, and showed a love for drawing from an early age. His first published work appeared in the form of two short stories in the Italian magazine L'intrepido. He was first published in America in Marvel Comics' Marvel Shadows and Light, with one of his pinups appearing in the comic book. Di Vito was asked to join the CrossGen staff as an associate penciller and became a fill-in artist for the comic books The First and Scion, becoming the official penciller of the former six months later. After nine issues on The First, Di Vito worked with Chuck Dixon and Rob Schwager on a new project, Brath. After over a year of work on this title, Di Vito decided to expand his horizons, lending his talents to other companies. He has pencilled such high-profile Marvel series as Thor and Young Avengers.\nHe recently penciled the six-issue miniseries Annihilation and the World War Hulk: X-Men limited series. He is currently working on Marvel Comics Presents. He becomes the regular penciler on Marvel's Nova title beginning with issue #22.